“I find that your delivery style is really soothing, helpful (and humorous!) and I particularly like the way you take time to make the experience inclusive to those less able among us. The exercises are great and I often feel that I end the sessions with a high degree of inner calm. I really look forward to the sessions and I feel that I've missed out if I'm unable to attend.” Graham W

“You're the best yoga teacher I've had... Kind, patient and caring. I love your teaching style. You've taught me to be gentle to myself, but to work hard at improving suppleness and core strength - the perfect balance.“ Alison F

"While hiking in 40 degrees I became unwell with heat stroke... I used the breathing methods we've learned in yoga to relax and get back down again....so pleased with myself.” Elaine A

“I just wanted to thank you for the class this morning, I came home feeling better stretched, more relaxed and just generally better than I ever have after a session, either at home or at a class.” Angela K

"Anne's unique style of teaching has enabled me to return to yoga with confidence, joy and ease. I can't wait to return to her yoga sessions each week and reap the benefits from her wonderful, relaxed, calming and nurturing style of teaching. Her warm, sensitive personality instantly put me at ease, despite my anxieties. She creates a relaxed, happy environment which continually makes me feel safe and reassured. Anne is very reflective about how to obtain the maximum benefit from postures without putting the body under any strain or pressure. She is creative and exploratory, and is very philosophical, often considering how life can affect our physical bodies and emotional status." Sandra B

"I’ve waited a long time to find a yoga teacher who encourages you to listen to your body, and checks you are doing each pose correctly.  Anne always ensures you stretch only as far as you feel comfortable, whatever age or gender you are.  We  learn something new each week, and between sessions I am more aware of my body’s posture as I go about my day.  I feel more relaxed, and confident because of this class."  Nicky S

"When I retired five years ago, I joined Anne's yoga class as a complete beginner, and I'm

so glad that I did.  I had no idea it would have such a positive influence on my life, and

attribute this to Anne.  Her  classes include  breathing exercises, postures and relaxation.  

Everyone is encouraged to work to their own ability and she demonstrates ways in which postures can be modified to suit different levels of fitness and flexibility. 

Anne's style of teaching is reassuring, encouraging and calming, which means I leave every class feeling relaxed and renewed.   For me, Anne is the perfect yoga teacher.   Carol H."